My name is Meredith Kimmel and welcome to my website.

I am a certified professional coach specializing in life transformations. There are two types of changes in life: the change that we seek out, and the change that is a result of the natural life cycle. Often, we are afraid of change and how the change is going to affect us. Therefore, we are resistant to change and thus we get complacent and do not create our best lives.

I have had my own share of transitions in life and I have worked hard and found success in creating my own best life. I am passionate about helping people deal with their challenges in life and realize their dreams. By Moving Forward With Meredith, we will work together to address your life transformations so that you can create a more fulfilling life and find the same success that I have found.

Like the caterpillar who undergoes transformation by metamorphosis and emerges as a butterfly, you too can transform yourself and create your best life by Moving Forward With Meredith.

The secret of getting ahead is
getting started.”
-Mark twain